Top 3 Places to Enjoy a Cigarette With Your Coffee

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As those that smoke know all too well, coffee and cigarettes are a great combination. After a constant battle with nicotine, I have recently given up with the help of Stoptober (fingers crossed it lasts). Even so, I thought this post would be pretty useful for those out there who still enjoy their tobacco.

I am aware summer is over but on the rare occasion that there is a rain free day (this does actually happen sometimes in London) these places are definitely worth visiting for a coffee and cigarette outside.

Assuming you take care of the cigarettes, I’ll make sure you can enjoy them with great coffee in a great environment!


Nude Espresso in Soho Square is, to quote them on twitter, “hard to find but worth it”. It serves up its own house blend freshly roasted over in East London. With a few tables outside the shop overlooking Soho Square, it’s a picturesque spot for a quick caffeine and nicotine fix.


In at number two is Le Péché Mignon. It’s bliss to sit in the courtyard out back equipped with a coffee and a cigarette. Being a french cafe, it’s worth forking out a few pennies to indulge in a croissant. I doubt that many places in the area will be able to compete on quality.

PS The courtyard is out of the wind so if you smoke rollies, you don’t have to worry about any spontaneous gusts that might send your tobacco on a trip around London.


Flatcap Fleet Street was one of my favourite places for a cheeky coffee and cigarette break when studying last year. With good reason too. The staff are super friendly, and there is a nice seating area in a courtyard that overlooks Fleet Street. It’s not directly exposed to the wind so even if it’s a bit cold, you should be safe from any icy breezes.

They put in some nice potted plants a couple of months ago which have really enhanced the space, adding a bit of a greenery to Central London. All in all, a nice place to sit and ponder life whilst smoking a cigarette and enjoying good coffee.

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