Top 3 Coffeeshops for a First Date

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Good Morning! Today, I’m sharing some info with you on the best coffee shops to take someone on a first date. The importance here is that it is the first date. These are places to wow the person you are trying to woo.

I’ve chosen three very different places. Hopefully one will take your fancy.

Caravan in Exmouth Market is a very smooth customer. The attention to detail is exquisite and you can see that every aspect of the place has been well thought out. They roast their own beans and provide a great atmosphere to taste them. Whether you want to sit inside or al fresco looking out onto the market, I guarantee this one is a winner. It also doubles up as a bar, which means that there’s always the option of a drink later on if the date takes you down that direction!

My next choice is a coffee shop with a lot of character, offering one of the most unique spaces I have seen in any London coffee shop so far. Foxcroft and Ginger is conveniently located in the heart of Soho and has the ability to make you completely forget you are in the centre of one of the biggest cities in the world. Once you have your coffee in hand, walk down stairs and I think you’ll impress any love interest that you bring along.

Coming in at number 3 is The Department of Coffee and Social Affairs. Aside from brewing great coffee, one of this shop’s aims is to bring people together from the surrounding areas and learn from each other. It’s safe to say that aside from yourself and your date, there will be other people having potentially awkward moments of silence or forced laughs! They have nice, old brick walls and the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. This place will soothe any first date jitters.

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