The Fleet Street Press



The Fleet Street Press (formerly Get Coffee) is practically opposite the Royal Courts of Justice on Fleet Street and was a regular spot for me last year. This coffee shop essentially got me through my finals.

It’s a great spot that serves Butterworth & Sons Coffee and has a nice space downstairs, perfect for meetings or group studying. The staff are very attentive and the place has a friendly vibe which helps soothe the stress of a lot of its customers, be them students doing their finals or City workers looking for a break from the office. This place is a friendly refuge that a lot of people go to for some respite.

I’m no fan of hot chocolate myself but I’m well informed that theirs is pretty delish.


Address: 3 Fleet Street, EC4Y 1AU, London.

Facebook & Twitter: The Fleet Stress Press’s Facebook and Twitter

Website: NA

Opening times: Monday-Friday 6:30am to 6pm. Saturday 8am to 5pm

Price of a double espresso: ???

Outdoor Seating (important for those tobacco lovers): None

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