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The Attendant Coffee Shop

The Attendant cafe opened in January 2013 and is one of London’s most original spaces. Built around 1890, it is an old Victorian toilet, which the owners have spent the last two years planning and converting into the stylish cafe that you see today.

The Attendant has managed to preserve a lot of the old features of the Victorian space, with added bits and pieces that make it a very intriguing space. The old urinals now function as spaces where you can perch to indulge in coffee and cake and there’s a square table at the back for larger groups.

The coffee beans are from Caravan and I tried the current Market blend; a Brazilian/Colombian blend that had a nice light citrus acidity to accompany the lovely dark chocolate and nutty undertones.

There are many independent coffee shops popping up in London and all around the UK that share similar characteristics; some of these desirable: high quality coffee, friendly service and great food, some slightly repetitive: such as exposed brick walls. While I have to admit I do love exposed brick walls (there’s a reason they’re so prevalent), what is so pleasant about the Attendant is that they share characteristics such as quality coffee and great service, while also also offering a truly unique space to enjoy your coffee. Make sure you stop by!


Address: Downstairs, 27A Foley Street, W1W 6DY, London.

Email, Facebook and Twitter:, The Attendants’s Facebook & Twitter.


Opening times: Monday-Friday 8am to 6pm.

Price of a double espresso: £2.20

Card?: Everything but Amex

Outdoor Seating (important for those tobacco lovers): Yes, a bench going around the entrance.

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Have you been to the Attendant? What did you think?


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    • Henry

      07/26/2013, 04:39 pm

      My pleasure :) I had it on my ‘to-do’ list for ages as well! Thanks! There are so many intriguing things to photograph in that shop.


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