Top 3 Coffee Shops to Study In

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If you are a student or if you simply like doing a bit of work in coffee shops, this post is for you…

As you can tell from reading my blog, I still have a long way to go before I have even covered half of the best coffee shops in London. But from the ones I have reviewed so far, I have hand picked three of the best to study in.

Having gone through the stress of writing my dissertation a couple of months back, I can safely say that studying in coffee shops definitely beats being stuck in a library. I swear in the library you can almost feel the stress of other students jacked up on the classic mix of red bull, cigarettes and coffee.

First off, I want to tell you guys what I think makes a coffee shop a great place to study: the quality and price of coffee, the amount of space inside the shop, the atmosphere, internet speed and noise levels. While some like their study space to be very quiet I find a bit of background noise/music actually helps me focus, so long as it stays background music!

On to the top 3…


Coming in at number 1, we have Ozone Coffee Roasters. The coffee is fantastic and very reasonably priced. It’s easy to miss the shop if you walk past, but if you’re lucky enough to spot it and walk in, you’ll realise it’s a very special place. There are two floors and plenty of space to work, either in groups or just on your lonesome. The atmosphere is great with and staff are really friendly. Because there is so much room there are lots of quieter spots hidden away in certain parts of the coffee shop where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the serving area.


It was a close call between 2nd and 3rd but in at number 2 comes Fix. As mentioned in my blog post, this place is very tranquil filled with lots of people by themselves doing their own thing, whether that be reading the paper or tapping away on their laptops. This coffee shop has a lot of natural light, plenty of space to study and fast internet. However, if you’re doing group study work, Ozone has a lot more space to offer. They are currently serving a special blend made for them by Climpson & Sons which is excellent (as expected).


Just pipped to the post by Fix for the number 2 spot, The Fleet Stress Press comes in at number 3. The Fleet Stress Press, pretty much opposite the Royal Courts of Justice, is a great place that along with Flat Cap, gives the busy people of Fleet Street the much needed coffee they require. It has a seating area below the shop with a few tables which are good for group studying. Because you’re downstairs, you are generally accompanied by a few other people, but it is never too noisy. A hidden gem for the studious.

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