Full Stop.

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Coffee, Full Stop

Full Stop. (yes, it actually has a full stop at the end of its name) coffeeshop doubles up as a pretty cool bar when the evening sets in. Practically opposite the famous bagel places on Brick Lane, this chilled out establishment oozes relaxation (Bob Marley playing in the background does help this).

It has your standard set of different coloured sofas, tables and chairs that one finds in Shoreditch but this place somehow manages to make the place look effortlessly original. The coffeeshop is full of fanciful objects, which while they have no real purpose, serve to create a very intriguing coffee shop.

At the minute, they are serving the red brick espresso Square Mile blend and certainly seem to know a lot about what they’re serving. I had a very nice Turkey sandwich to accompany my coffee, but it’s the coffee that steals the show.

Quite a few coffee shops are serving Red Brick but this might be the best coffee I have had this summer. Full stop.


Address: 202 Brick Lane, E1 6SA, London.

Email and/or Twitter: https://twitter.com/fullstopbar


Opening times: Monday-Friday 8am to 11pm, Saturday 9am to 11.30pm & Sunday 8am to 11pm

Price of a double espresso: £2

Outdoor Seating (important for those tobacco lovers): 1 bench

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