Last weekend I went to Love Supreme Jazz Festival, sponsored by Jazz FM. As a jazz lover, I was very excited to go to the first large open air jazz festival with camping to take place in the UK in over 20 years! It was a magical weekend of sunshine and great music in the wonderful leafy-green setting of Glynde, East Sussex (the village next to the famous opera house Glyndebourne).

Great acts such as Chic, Gregory Porter, Courtney Pine, Marcus Miller and Michael Kiwanuka, to name but a few, lit up the weekend with magical performances. The music on show wasn’t all strictly jazz, with acts extending into the genres of funk, soul, blues and fusion, which provided for an eclectic mix of acts to keep everyone excited. Love Supreme aim to provide a set list of artists for music lovers of all ages to enjoy. Fingers crossed, it will be a regular on the UK music festival scene in years to come.

Love Supreme Jazz Festival Campsite


As I knew I would be embarking on three nights of camping, I was keen to plan a way to have great coffee to accompany the music. I wrote a memo in my phone to pack my Aeropress and grinder but unfortunately neglected to remember all my coffee paraphernalia, arriving at the gate empty-handed.

I did a quick run round the festival site to survey my options and immediately noticed a vendor selling Nescafe for £2 a pop. Disappointed, I was all prepared to have a coffee-free weekend.

Coffee at Love Supreme Jazz Festival

However, on entering the arena on Saturday morning, I came across a friendly sight – the black and white logo of Henry’s Coffee Bar! As you can imagine, my face lit up. As I approached the pop-up coffee tent, I glimpsed Lee, the owner, handing out a fresh croissant to a happy camper looking for some quality pastry and coffee.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Lee’s son Henry, whom the company is named after. He seemed very excited to be at Love Supreme and recommended going on the Helter Skelter. In the end, I opted for a ride on the swing, which gave me a pretty great view of the festival and its beautiful surroundings.

Love Supreme Jazz Festival Bandstand Glynde

Conveniently Henry’s was located right next to the bandstand, so I made a fair few trips back over the weekend to indulge my passion! It’s great to see the Third Wave of Coffee spreading to music festivals. Hopefully this is a trend that will continue so that more festival goers will have the opportunity to buy great tasting coffee.

You can find out more info on Henry’s Coffee Bar on their website.

Have you been to a festival recently? What coffee did you drink?