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GETTING THE MOST OUT OF COFFEE SHOP CARDS I have come to realise that because I visit so many coffee shops, I now have about 40 cards sitting in my wallet. Just to clear up…

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DunneFrankowski On Coffee

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DUNNEFRANKOWSKI DISCUSS COFFEE AND PROTEIN DunneFrankowski know their coffee. Like the wine industry with its “wine snobs”, from what I have noticed, the same is true for the coffee industry. This is not the case with…

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United Kingdom - London - Coffee

Civet Coffee…It’s the shit


CIVET COFFEE, THE MARMITE OF THE COFFEE INDUSTRY Meet Kopi Luwak, (more commonly known as a civet cat) a coffee connoisseur indigenous to Indonesia, India and the Philippines. This cat has somewhat of a penchant…

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Coffee & (Water)?


WATER. THE SIMPLE TRUTH This is pretty random, but I think it might be a common thought shared by many other fellow coffee lovers: having tap water served with your coffee in a cafe really…

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