Bookmarking Coffee

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I have come to realise that because I visit so many coffee shops, I now have about 40 cards sitting in my wallet. Just to clear up any confusion, I am not talking solely about reward cards, some of these cards are just plain business cards that the coffee shops lay out on their counters.

I recently started to pass the odd one on to a friend when recommending a good place but often I find I just don’t know what to do with them all. The fact didn’t worry me, but I was thinking to myself how I could best use my collection of cards living in my wallet.

Like a lot of my best ideas, I came up with this one while sat with my book in a coffee shop and thought to myself “Why not use these cards as bookmarks?” I mean, it’s free advertising for the coffee shops so they get a lot out of it and also, you end up not ruining your book by physically marking each page you stop at.

The vast majority of these cards all look quite nice and are free. The fact they’re not real bookmarks that you have bought means if you happen to lose one or wear and tear gets the better of them, you just have to go out and get a new one when you next get a coffee! Simple & Easy.

PS If you’re not entirely convinced, check out this new company called Get Kooki. I met one of the co-founders the other day and if they take off, I might actually have to invest in a proper book marker!

Coffee and a bookmark coffee and a book Bookmarking Coffee

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