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Henry Clifford Coffee

Hi! I’m Henry and I love coffee.

Ever since I started university in London in 2008, I have been exploring the many coffee shops that the city has to offer. When I finished uni, I spent 18 months in the Quality Control department at DR Wakefield & Co, a green bean coffee importing company. As you can imagine, this was a dream come true!

I am now involved in the Trading side of things which is proving to be an amazing learning experience. I have been lucky enough to turn my passion into my profession and have loved every minute so far. I originally set up the blog while I was at uni as a platform to learn more about coffee and to document all the amazing places that I visited. During my 18 months in Quality Control, I took a break from Lyndons’ Coffee and while I still read other people’s coffee blogs, I missed contributing to the blogosphere myself!

I decided to start writing again in July 2015. All the content prior to this was written before I started working in the industry, so please take this with a pinch of salt. At the time I didn’t know all the appropriate industry terminology to analyse and describe coffee – these were honest articles written about places and trends from the perspective of a passionate coffee enthusiast. I have kept them here as they are an important part of my coffee journey.

Even though I am now working in the coffee industry, I still want to make this blog accessible to everyone. My aim is to share a lot of what I have learned with both fellow coffee enthusiasts and people in the industry. I hope that some of my future articles might create some dialogue so that we can all learn from each other.

I’m not claiming to be a Barista champion or a coffee expert. I’m just out to make specialty coffee more accessible and to learn a few things on the way!

Comments encourage dialogue and learning so please leave some if an article interests you.


You can either email me at henry@lyndonscoffee.com or get in touch via my twitter page.

I look forward to hearing from you!

All the best,







10 Responses

  1. Harry Carrow

    11/01/2012, 07:05 pm

    Hey Henry
    Love your website! Wish you could do a national one. Have you thought about approaching Time Out to see if they could help you develop a phone app?
    Best of luck with it all and keep swigging the beans


    • Henry

      11/01/2012, 08:07 pm

      Hi Harriet, I’m glad you like the website! I have actually, but in order to do anything like that I need to get a lot more content. A potential project a few months down the line maybe. Have a good weekend and speak soon! Henry

  2. Natasha

    11/24/2012, 06:46 am

    Hi Henry! glad i’ve found your website, good idea! I’m a big coffee and coffee shops lover too, so I’m sure to use your info planning my future London trip

  3. Simon

    01/11/2013, 03:28 pm

    Adding my support for the site, it looks useful and interesting. My partner and I also don’t claim to be technical experts on coffee but quite simply love a good, strong, rich, flavourful coffee and enjoy finding coffee places we didn’t know which do a decent cup. The ‘Top Coffee Shops’ link lists some places we already know, and plenty we don’t so we’ll be investigating…

    If anyone here ever wants to know about good places in Edinburgh I’ll be happy to give a few tips!

    • Henry

      01/11/2013, 05:00 pm

      Hi Simon,

      Thanks for the support! That’s great you know a lot of the places on my ‘top coffee spots‘ page, let me know if you manage to get to any of the ones you’re unaware of! Have you been to Freemans coffee in Edinburgh? I’ved heard great things about it.

      • Simon

        01/15/2013, 01:57 pm

        I don’t know Freeman’s of Edinburgh, I’ll check it out next time I’m there. As for London places, I don’t think I’ve seen Allpress (Redchurch Street) on the site but correct me if I’m wrong. They serve you an americano by giving you the double espresso and hot water on the side for you to tailor it to your liking, I like that approach. They have an in-house roastery. They have a short but very good sandwich menu and are one of the few places I’ve found that do sanbitter, the delicious red herby Italian mixer drink.

        • Henry

          01/17/2013, 09:59 am

          You’re absolutely right, I haven’t posted an article on Allpress yet! I’ll be doing one over the coming weeks, it’s a great coffee shop/roastery. I really like it how you can see the roaster as soon as you walk in the shop. Thanks for the tip on sanbitter, I’ll have to give it a go next time i’m there!


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