10 Questions with Steve Leighton, founder & CEO of Has Bean

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Steve from Has Bean

Steve Leighton is the owner of Has Bean, a speciality coffee roaster based in Stafford. Has Bean is one of the most popular coffee roasters in London and is served in many of the coffee shops that I have reviewed on this website. Steve is married with one kid and to quote his twitter, is a “Coffee Roaster from Stafford who lives coffee”. This is reflected through the comprehensiveness of the Has Bean website which will tell you anything and everything you need to know about coffee & coffee related issues. They actually offer this nifty 10 day free email coffee course , which is definitely worth checking out if you want some basic coffee information: http://www.coffee101.co.uk/

10 questions

1. If you had to describe Has Bean in one word, what would it be?


2. How did Has Bean come about?

I was stuck in a job that I didn’t enjoy. Instead of putting up with it, I bought a roaster, stuck it in my garage and started selling coffee.

3. Which book would you recommend for someone who knows little or nothing about coffee?

Not a book, but this website www.sweetmarias.com is the best encyclopaedia on the net

4. When did you first start liking coffee?

At seven years old I asked my mum for a filter maker and have been stuck with it ever since

5. Opinion on Instant in one word?


6. How many coffees do you have a day?

Tough to say. I can go a whole day without coffee, but on the other hand I can get through A LOT in a day, it really depends.

7. How do you take your coffee?

Fresh :)

8. What advice would you give to your 18-year-old self?

Follow the dream, not what you think you should do

9. Who do you most admire?

My wife, for putting up with me.

10. Rolling Stones or the Beatles?

The Beatles


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