10 Questions with Jordi Mestre, 2012 Spanish Barista Champion

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Jordi Mestre Coffee

Jordi Mestre is an unassuming coffee connoisseur involved in many different aspects of London’s Coffee Culture. Hailing from Gràcia in Barcelona, Jordi embodies the effortless charm of the neighbourhood he grew up in. He studied Product Design at university in Barcelona and then Furniture Restoration and Conservation here in London. Ever since he got the coffee bug he has been involved in coffee related projects all over London. Currently he is Coffee Director & Head Barista at The Borough Barista, Coffee Roaster & Barista Trainer at Nude Espresso and he also runs his own coffee cart called Nomad Coffee at Netil Market on Saturdays.


1. What’s your favourite part of the job?

Learning. I’m constantly learning new things about different parts of the coffee industry so everyday is very exciting.

3. What’s the story behind Nomad?

I have always wanted a coffee cart. I love its simplicity. You focus on two things: coffee & service and you do them both well. The great thing about having a coffee cart is that it allows you just to focus on coffee and the customer. One day I just thought to myself why not set up my own? So I did.

4. Favourite cafe in the world?

Protein by DunneFrankowski.

5. How do you take your coffee?

I like using a Hario V60 Dripper.

6. How did you get into the coffee industry?

I was working at the Marksman Pub and thought about setting up a coffee shop. I spoke to the guys that ran the pub and we decided to set up Esoteria on Hackney Road. Ever since, I’ve been involved in various different projects within the industry.

7. Where did you train for the Spanish World Barista Championship?

I trained here in London. The great thing about London is that at good cafes you are served coffee ‘competition style’ so even before I started training, I’d picked up good practices from working that really helped me out.

8. Do you have a favourite coffee roasters in Spain?

I think that Right Side Coffee Roasters are probably the best in Spain.

8. What advice would you have given to 18 year old Jordi Mestre?

I think it’s extremely difficult to know what you want to do in life at the age of 18. I would say just do what you enjoy.

9. What started London’s Coffee Culture in your opinion?

Britain is a country with a very rich tea culture and it was Starbucks that introduced coffee to the UK. London is a city which loves trying new things and with the arrival of coffee, Londoners realised how great the drink was and haven’t looked back since.

10. Stones/Beatles?

The Rolling Stones. I hate the Beatles.


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