10 Questions with Fabio Ferreira, co-founder of Notes Music and Coffee & Flat Cap Coffee

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Fabio Ferreira, hailing from Sao Paolo, Brazil is co-founder of Notes Music and Coffee & Flatcap. Despite the fact his grandparents worked as coffee farmers in Brazil, Fabio first went to work in the Pharmaceutical industry. It was only later that he converted to coffee.

Fabio fell into the industry when he decided to compete in a barista competition just for fun but ended up doing pretty well! A couple of years later he became Good Spirits Barista Champion of Brazil. Since then, his love affair with coffee has blossomed.

Fabio and his wife moved to London and after setting up Flatcap, opened up Notes Music and Coffee. He didn’t speak any English when he arrived to the UK. The only things he had were his family and his dream. It’s a good thing he wasn’t afraid to take the plunge because his coffee shops and coffee carts are very special places for a lot of Londoners!


1. When did you start liking coffee?

Coffee is in my blood but it wasn’t until 2003 that I developed a real passion for it. I worked at a Pharmaceutical firm for 9 years and then slowly started to discover the wonders of coffee. At first I didn’t understand how you could specialize in coffee, but as I started to dig a little bit deeper, I realised how much there is to learn. I’m still learning new things about coffee all the time.

2. How do you take your coffee?

I appreciate all methods of brewing coffee but I think filter coffee is my favourite.

3. Favourite Jazz artist?

I don’t have one in particular. It would be a toss up between Duke Ellington, Charlie Mingus & Jaco Pastorius.

4. What’s your favourite part of the job?

Working behind the bar making coffee.

5. Advice to aspiring entrepreneurs?

You have to do something that you really enjoy, not just for the money. Everything requires rigorous planning so plan, plan and plan.

6. Where next for Notes?

We’re looking into opening a few more shops and exploring the idea of setting up a roastery.

7. How did you come up with the idea for Flatcap & Notes?

I liked the idea of setting up a coffee cart in London so I set one up near Victoria Station. A few of my regulars at the time owned a music shop in the area and we thought why not create a space dedicated to great music and great coffee? That’s where the idea for Notes was conceived. We wanted to combine the idea of a music and coffee shop – somewhere you could go to relax and listen to great music accompanied by an equally great coffee.

8. What advice would you give to your 18 year old Fabio Ferreira?

Follow your dreams. You have to please yourself, not others.

9. Who do you most admire?

My father. He never went to school and managed to not only build up a large company but also bring up myself and my siblings. Despite being a very busy man he always made the time to be there for us.

10. Rolling Stones or The Beatles?

Definitely The Beatles!






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