10 Questions With DunneFrankowski

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DunneFrankowski Coffee

Robert Dunne and Victor Frankowski, are the innovative duo behind the creative coffee company, DunneFrankowski.

Rob, hailing from Dublin, competed in the Irish Barista Championship and Latte Art Championship in 2008, reaching the finals in both. He was approached by the coffee roasters Matthew Algie and having spent a couple of years with the company, moved to London in 2010 to improve customer relations and coffee knowledge. After having left them, Protein is his latest project influencing the European coffee scene. He is currently a certified Sensory Judge for the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE) UK chapter.

Vic, hailing from Sydney, is also an SCAE Sensory Judge, previously having competed in the UKBC and the Coffee in Good Spirits Competition. He teaches at the London School of Coffee, trained for various specialty roasters in London and has consulted some of the best coffee shops London has to offer. Him and Rob were part of the core group behind Tapped and Packed in its early days. Coffee aside, Vic is a talented photographer, having contributed to various publications, the New York Times and NME, to name a few.

1. When did you start liking coffee?

Rob – I never drank coffee before the age of 21. I worked in a kitchen and I found the coffee was repulsive. It intrigued me though and I wanted to learn more about it. I was surrounded by cafe culture but the worst thing about the cafe was the coffee! The coffee was being done badly and I thought it could be improved and that’s where my interest started. 

Vic – 10 years ago, I was at uni and needed to make some money. I started in the kitchen and moved to the floor but didn’t really like it and at that point didn’t particularly want to work with alcohol so I got a job as a barista and things progressed from there.

2. How do you take your coffee?

Rob – Single espresso to sip. 

Vic – Black.

3. How did you come up with the idea for Protein?

Vic – Protein & us discussed the possibility of collaboration. We shared similar ideas and one thing led to another.

4. What’s your favourite part of the job?

Rob & Vic – Teaching people.

5. Advice for people new in the world of specialty coffee?

Rob – Be open minded, except differences in taste and explore them.

Vic – Drink as much coffee as possible.

6. Favourite coffee shop in the world?

Rob – I like Bonanza for its simplicity, it’s tiny, but it has achieved so much. It clearly shows that huge capital is not required to build a solid custom base. But being honest I love the space we have created, it opens up the ability to communicate with anyone, and that’s why I make coffee.

Vic – There isn’t one that stands out in particular, I have a lot of places I like.

7. Do you like tea?

Rob – Absolutely, I was studying tea, but got side-tracked by coffee.

Vic – Yes, very much so.

8. Who do you most admire?

Rob – Steve jobs or Ferran Adria.

Vic – My friends, that do the things they love.

9. What advice would you give to your 18 year old self?

Rob – Become a chef, you learn to appreciate taste and are exposed to many different flavours from the start.

Vic – Don’t get yourself into debt, be wise with money. Do the things you enjoy doing.

10. Rolling Stones or the Beatles?

Rob – The Stones

Vic – The Beatles


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