10 Questions with Cosimo Libardo, head of sales & marketing at Nuova Simonelli


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Cosimo started his career in coffee in 1997 at Nuova Simonelli. Since then he has held many positions in the company, allowing him to travel around the World and learn about different coffee cultures.

At present he manages Nuova Simonelli’s Sales and Marketing departments, spanning 115 countries.
He is also a Board member of the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe and Chair of the Membership & Chapter committee.

His passions are his family, coffee, football and motorcycles (in that order).

Nuova Simonelli is an Italian company with experience and tradition going back many years. It has been making and exporting espresso machines since 1936. It has gained international recognition for a number of its products and continues to be at the forefront of R & D in the coffee industry.

10 Questions

1. Have you always worked in the Coffee Industry?

Yes, and only for Nuova Simonelli in the past 15 years

2. When did you start liking coffee?

Age sixteen during high school

3. Which book would you recommend someone who knows little or nothing about coffee?

“Espresso Coffee: The Chemistry of Quality by Andrea Illy, Rinantonio Viani”  it makes you understand coffee is not simple and needs lots of time and dedication to enjoy and understand

4. Which is your favourite cafe in the world and why?

I like many places. 3fe in Dublin and Prufrock in London are special to me. I am an honorary member of 3fe and have many friends at Prufrock too

5. Opinion on instant in one word?


6. How many coffees do you have a day?


7. How do you take your coffee?


8. What advice would you give to your 18 year old self?

Have more fun and travel more

9. Who do you most admire?

Alessandro Del Piero, a flag for Juventus and an example of professionalism and humbleness for all

10. Rolling Stone or the Beatles?

Led Zeppelin (Beatles were ok too)


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